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Greater Shepparton Secondary College Branding


Greater Shepparton Secondary College

KMD won the competitive tender to brand the NEW Greater Shepparton Secondary College (GSSC) in mid 2019. There were a couple of factors that made this project one of the more challenging with which we have been associated. One, it was a contentious political issue at the time, with a very vocal opposition trying to stop the school going forward. This in itself wasn’t a big concern from our perspective, but from an engagement point of view, we knew that there would be a section of the community which would probably have a negative response to ANYTHING that we produced in terms of brand. Secondly, at this point of the project the school’s official administration was being governed by the FOUR school councils of the existing schools (Wanganui, McGuire, Shepp High, and Mooroopna) combined. That meant, that for decisions regarding school logo and branding, the stakeholders KMD were pitching to and reporting to were some 60-70 people strong! Working with a group that large on any project is a challenge, but particularly so when looking for clear consensus on a creative direction. In any case, we were successful, the process was actually as smooth as we could have hoped for, and the outcome was very well received.


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