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We're a multi-disciplinary branding and design firm, and our key focus is building strong brands for our clients.

Small is beautiful.

KMD Creative is just about as small a design shop as you can get. Made up of Kris (designer principal & Creative Director) and his wife Paula (administration) KMD is small by design, and we don’t apologise for that.


After many years running a bigger design firm with offices in Shepparton and Melbourne, Kris made a very conscious decision to simplify the business model, and went out on his own in 2010. Craving fewer clients, more one-on-one time with those clients, and a generally simpler process, KMD represents Paula & Kris’ commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions, with exceptional levels of service and commitment - all while having as much fun as possible.


Kris Muir: Creative Director

Kris has been designing for more than 25 years, and in that time has worked with small start-ups through to National brands like Dennis Family Homes and ConnectEast (Eastlink), as well as multi-nationals such as Mitsubishi Motors, Disney Channel and SPC Ardmona. He’s a true multi-disciplinarian - which means he’s a man of many hats. He can be designing an identity for a new Land Development Company one day - and the next conceptualising an interpretive display for an Education Centre. He’s designed identities and brands, labels and packaging, environmental displays and signage, national print campaigns, delivered collateral systems for some of the country's biggest brands, he’s designed for web and mobile, and art directed photo shoots all over the country. He lives and breathes his work, and wouldn’t want it any other way.


What we do

KMD is a true multi-disciplinary design firm - which is industry speak for “we design a lot of different stuff”. Put simply, if a logo goes on it, then chances are we design it!

We spend our energy looking for the perfect design solution, regardless of whether that solution is executed as a sign, a website or a corporate identity. We genuinely believe that great design is great design - and the true difference between one design discipline and another, lies not in the execution, but in the brief. The core challenge of finding the most efficient, exciting and engaging way to communicate a given message to a target audience, always remains the same.

This broad approach to design, is why we like to think of KMD’s core function as: Brand Design. Because building a strong brand is more than just designing a new logo, or building a state of the art website. It’s more than your social media channels, and it’s more than your advertising. It’s ALL of these things, combined. It’s everyplace and everytime your brand interacts with it’s audience.

It’s why we offer a full service, fully integrated design solution to our clients. Whether it’s Logo Design, Print Collateral, Packaging, Signage or Web - we’ve got you covered. One design firm. One design strategy and vision. One designer overseeing all executions. One brand - speaking in one clear voice. And of course - that’s exactly the way it should be.










What we do

Communicating - not just pretty pictures

One of KMD’s key strengths is our ability to apply strategic thinking to all design decision making. In other words - every design decision that we make is based on strategy and how well any given design element communicates your message to the target market. Ultimately, commercial design is all about communication - and communication in design is inextricably linked to strategy. We would like to think that every design decision we make can be supported by strategic thinking. i.e.: we recommend “x” because it’s consistent with goal “y”, and it’s appropriate to target market “z”. We try not to design to “style”. We’d much prefer to have concepts evolve from an actual idea, because the authenticity that comes with such a process is hard to fake - and that invariably leads to a stronger emotional connection with the target audience. In short - design based on communicating real ideas, is always going to work better than design based on “style” or “fashion”. That’s not to say that we never choose to do something simply because it looks cool! We certainly do... but the bottom line is - only when it’s consistent with your objectives.

Our Clients

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